Campaign ad puts spotlight on the 20th District State Rep. race

By Gavin Johnson - bio |email

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Dewey Hill has been the incumbent for the 20th District State Representative Race for eighteen years, almost as long has his 26-year-old challenger Tristan Patterson has been alive.

But despite his experience, Hill isn't taking the race lightly.

Hill recently published a newspaper ad, citing court documents which show an ex-girlfriend once took out a domestic violence protective order against Patterson.

Hill says he did not want to run the ad but had no choice, because some of the things Patterson were saying about his background were untrue.

According to Patterson, he's never been convicted or charged and Hill was using dirty politics when he published the ad.

Hill said he's helped passed two domestic violence bills as a State Representative and takes domestic violence very seriously.

Additionally, Hill said there were actual court documents linking Patterson to domestic violence and he didn't make the allegations up.

Despite his age, Patterson says voters are taking him seriously.

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