Battle-scarred equipment unloaded at port

The military equipment that helped win the war in Iraq is being unloaded at the Wilmington State Port. And it's clear some of it took a beating in battle.

The Cape Henry is packed with everything from battered tanks to humvees. You could put your hand through some of the bullet and grenade holes on the armored vehicles. Those are courtesy of Saddam Hussein's Republican Guard.

About 100 marines are taking part in the round-the-clock effort, including a Camp Lejeune unit whose tanks came under fire in Iraq.

"We heard loud 'pings' all around us," said Corporal Jacob Frick. "It sounded like someone was banging the side with a sledgehammer."

The vehicles and equipment will be off-loaded by Saturday, then returned to Camp Lejeune by convoy. They'll be traveling in long convoys that will move along Shipyard Boulevard to Oleander Drive, to Military Cut-off Road, and up Highway 17.

Authorities say they could be leaving at any time from 5-am until 9 p-m, and ask drivers not to try to break through any of them, or get mixed into them in traffic.