McIntyre: "They're trying to make me into someone I'm not."

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Congressman Mike McIntyre (D-NC) appeared live in studio at WECT Wednesday evening to talk about the state of his re-election campaign, less than two weeks out from election day.

"This is a time that people are very engaged.  They're very excited.  I think it's a great time for the Democratic process to work," Mike McIntyre said of his race that many seem competitive with Republican Ilario Pantano.  Polls show the race is neck and neck leading to election day on November 2nd.

McIntyre says he will not support Nancy Pelosi remaining as the Speaker of the House in the next term of Congress.  He says ads from Pantano connecting McIntyre with Pelosi are wrong.

"The ads are all misleading.  When she had opposition, I voted for her opposition.  She did not have opposition the subsequent two terms she ran," Mike McIntyre said.  McIntyre says he'll support a new candidate for the Speaker of the House should Democrats remain in control.

"We need to have more moderate leadership.  I think it's clear we need more moderate leadership in our country," McIntyre said.

McIntyre says the number one issue he hears about while campaigning in southeastern North Carolina this season is jobs.

One of the WECT viewers asked McIntyre about his position on the death tax, a frequent topic in ads from the opposition.  McIntyre says that he has worked to raise the exemption on the tax when he knew the votes weren't there in Congress to get rid of it.

"They're trying to make me into someone I'm not," McIntyre said.  "People know me here in southeastern North Carolina."

McIntyre touts his conservative record, but he says he won't switch affiliations to the Republican party.

"To me, I've always voted on the issue whether it's a Republican or a Democrat," McIntyre said.

When it comes to McIntyre's support of repealing the health care legislation, he says he's taking a lead on the repeal process.  He went on to list measures he's taking to help improve health care, but did not specify any way he is working to repeal.

"That will come up in the new session," McIntyre said when asked a second time.  "That can not be done in the lame duck."

McIntyre says he will be out in front of the repeal process in the next session when asked again.

McIntyre's ads claim Pantano wants to privatize Social Security and he won't support it.

"Social Security is a contract with the American people," McIntyre said.

Pantano joins WECT live in studio on Wednesday, October 27th.

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