Dog stabbed and left to die

Boiling Spring Lakes police still have no leads. But Paw's Place is already making changes to better protect their animals. They are looking to install barred wire fence around the property. In the meantime, Heidi is successfully recovering at Companion Animal Hospital. Doctor Brad Kerr says the stitches will be out in a few days and Heidi should be completely healed in a few weeks.

Tuesday four year old Heidi is prepped for surgery. A chunk of her golden hair is removed so that her doctor can sew up a large, gaping wound in her shoulder. Heidi was found stabbed and left to die in her kennel at Paw's Place, a Brunswick County animal shelter. Dr. Brad Kerr, a vet at Companion Animal Hospital, believes some type of sharp object punctured the dog's skin. "I can't tell what kind of object it was, but it looks like a human did it," says Kerr.

Caretakers at Paw's Place have their own theory of what happened. They believe an intruder scaled their 6 foot fence and headed straight for Heidi. She's considered the most vulnerable dog in the kennel as she's shy and reserved. Heidi has lived at the shelter for four years, since she was a pup.

The President of Paw's Place thinks someone used a knife to stabe Heidi. Though she's not certain who, she suspects someone in the shelter's neighborhood and she's filed a report with police. What she does know is that the shyest, and most reserved of her 70 dogs will survive. After an hour in surgery, Heidi's bandaged up, and waking up. While she'll be a little sore, she's expected be back to her normal, yet quiet self in two weeks.

Reported by: Ellen Goldberg