MTYT: Negative campaign strategies work

By Gary McNair - bio|email

This historic political season is making new headlines every day for bold and brash campaign statements and some very interesting claims meant to tarnish the opposition.

I'm sure most of you've heard about the "witch" candidate in Delaware, and one candidate in Kentucky is calling out his opponent for behavior in college and even members of his own party are crying foul.

I find it interesting that when we should be choosing our leaders based on their qualifications, it is starting to feel like the best "dirt-digger" and "mud-slinger" wins.

Why does this happen?  Short answer – it's because of you and me.  It's our fault.

More often, than not, negative ad strategies work.  They change our opinions time and time again.  You may balk at that notion and say it's not the case.  But advertisers are smart.   They've done their homework and they know the electorate better than we know ourselves.  That's why we are seeing so many negative ads.

So what we can we do?  Try to see through their tactics and don't let all this negative "spin" influence us.  We need to pay attention to the big issues and try to educate ourselves on where the candidates really stand on what really matters.  We got ourselves into this mess, and hopefully we can find a positive way to get out.

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn, to look beyond the propaganda.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

Emailed comments from viewers:

Heading into my late 60's I have become convinced the most voters vote for the candidates who's name they have seen the most frequently. As far as the best person being elected, well how can you tell according to each others adds the opposition isn't fit to be the dog catcher. Actually the dog catcher is most likely over qualified for any political office.


propaganda It was so good to finally hear someone say its our fault that all of this is happening..THis Neg stuff is what Got us In the mess that we are in now..Keep Up the good work


I hear politicians, Mike McIntire in particular, running ads on TV about social security.

I hear them say, " My opponent wants to privatize social security." In other words take the money that we pay in and invest it in the stock market. Then they have some senior citizens talking about the volatility of the market and that they could lose some of their money. I wonder if these people have ever considered where their money, that they pay in, is actually going today. They seem to think that it is going into some kind of trust fund for them. Well it isn't, it is going into the general fund and has been for over 40 years. Now, I wonder if any of these senior citizens have checked the balance on the general fund lately.

If from its inception the Social Security surplus had of been invested in gold, just think what it would be worth today. Instead it was turned over to the government to squander and buy votes with.

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