Thank goodness, we have a new Miss North Carolina , and, so far at least, she has produced no scandal, and, as far as anyone knows, has not posed topless for her boyfriend's camera. We don't know for certain whether she even has a boyfriend, or, if she does, whether he has a camera. Representing the city of Greenville, 24-year-old Dena Lynette Reason is a graduate of East Carolina University , which, although academically well grounded, is a school with a student body that has a reputation for being reluctant to pass up a party.

Maybe now Rebecca Revels will re-consider (or maybe not) her lawsuit with the North Carolina Pageant over whether she is the rightful wearer of the tiara, or Misty Clymer, who was first runner-up to Miss Revels in last year's pageant. The key words there are "last year's."

There is a new Miss North Carolina now, and her claim to the crown is unquestioned. We should get on with our lives. But, it's understandable if Miss Revels continues her court battle, because she, apparently, wants to go into the record books as the bona fide Miss North Carolina for that year, even though she was dethroned. It's a matter of redemption. We have a new queen now. Let's hope her year-long reign is not as fractious as the last one.