More work ahead for Marines

After being away for five months, some troops from Camp Lejeune are now able to sink their boots into American soil and reunite with their families. As the troops come home, so must their equipment. It was back in January when convoys escorted by law enforcement were an everyday sight in Wilmington. Hundreds of military personnel helped load ships with weapons, jeeps and tanks. Items that must now be unloaded by only 60 active reservists. Councilman Jason Thompson, a former marine, says the work will be grueling. The reservists, men and women away from jobs and families, will be working out in the hot sun in 24-hour shifts. He says unloading the ships may take four days. But it could be months before the the equipment is repaired and cleaned. For that reason Thompson is donating 250 dollars worth of food. A gesture he would like to see other residents and businesses make. A warm meal, he says, will help lighten the load for men and women who face an unglamorous but essential job.