MTYT: Good news in the headlines

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Not too many days ago we had a discussion at the station about what lately seems to be a bad mood among many of our viewers.  We blamed it on the economy and I floated the theory that angry politics are starting to gnaw away at our otherwise positive attitudes.

My grandmother had a great way of dealing with this sort of thing.  She was a "blessing counter."  And this week we have blessings to count and reasons to celebrate.

The big one, of course, took place in South America.  I don't know about you, but I've been mesmerized by the coverage of the rescue of those miners in Chile.  No one will forget those reunions any time soon.

And closer to home, we also got to see some true emotion from the latest Honor Flight at Wilmington International Airport.  These great people deserve all the love and respect we have to offer.

And we were blessed that the Secretary of the Navy came to Wilmington this week to Celebrate Navy Day aboard the Battleship.  Plus, we learned that Carolina Beach native, Kim Munley, has been cleared to return to work after being injured while helping bring an end to that terrible shooting at Fort Hood.

So the blessings win out this week against all the anger and bitterness.  Hopefully it will be enough to carry us through the nasty season of campaigning.

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