Storm water runoff polluting areas along the coast

All the rain we've been seeing may be responsible for polluting some popular swimming spots along the coast.  In Sunset Beach, a stormwater drain pipe recently tested positive for dangerous amounts of fecal coliform.  The polluted water is is on the sound side of the island away from the beach.  State officials will be back in Sunset Beach next week to re-test the water.  They say health advisories have been issued for about a dozen places along the coast in the past two months.  No others are in our area.

In Kure Beach, town officials are hoping their beach never makes that list.  They're one of the only beaches in our area where stormwater drains directly into the ocean, but they're seeking state funds to remove the drain pipes and redirect the water.  It would instead be pumped into man-made wetlands across the island.  The town should know later this year if they get the $8 million plus for the project.