Lottery Update

Just to keep you update on how much money North Carolina is missing out on because the Legislature refuses to take any action: South Carolina officials say lottery ticket sales are getting a boost from a multi-million-dollar jackpot that has been growing for nearly seven weeks.

No one has won the Powerball jackpot since May 7 th , when a Charlotte couple won almost 89-million-dollars. The jackpot now stands at 82-million. Granted, you might have a higher probability of being struck by lightning that winning a lottery, but, nevertheless, people do get lightning-struck, and people do win lotteries. The sure thing is: the state, in this case South Carolina , does and will continue to make a bundle on it, much of it including money with Tar Heel origins.

The Lottery Director in the Palmetto State says they could get about 10-to-15 million dollars more than they expected because of strong June sales, much of it, as I said, coming from North Carolina pockets and flying into the treasury in Columbia. Not Raleigh . And, of course, that's more money for lawmakers to spend on things when they re-convene in January.

Meanwhile, the North Carolina Legislature is in session, and there has been some quiet talk in the hallways about a lottery, but nothing has made it to the floor. Governor Easley is linking a lottery to the budget problems. But, House co-Speaker Jim Black made it clear last week that he has no intention of inserting any sort of lottery proposal in the budget. That's what he said— he has no intention.