MTYT: College teams accused of cheating

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Many days I'll listen to sports-talk radio as I drive home from work.  The other day a caller made fun of the University of North Carolina situation by saying that UNC now stands for "Use-ta Not Cheat."  I chuckled.  But the sad fact is "used to not cheat" is the way we can characterize a lot of our favorite college teams right now.

Great programs like Southern Cal, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia, and now UNC all remain under scrutiny -- all because someone is accused of breaking the rules.

In the case of UNC, the players at the heart of the matter are facing the punishment straight on.  But a lot of times athletes like Reggie Bush and coaches like Pete Carroll move on to bigger opportunities and the schools and innocent players are left behind to pay the price.  And what happens to the agents who caused the trouble?  Not much.

The NCAA is working through each of these situations and what we're hearing indicates the system is working.  But the system isn't working for everyone.  Punish the athletes or coaches who have moved on.  Punish the agents who give the gifts to these athletes, even though they know better.  All guilty parties need to be dealt with.

That way we can get back to talking more about sports and less about cheating.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

The situation that the UNC football team finds themselves in is only one persons fault.  The person in the mirror, period.  Every college athlete know they can't take extra benefits and that is a very easy threshold to go beyond.  Someone once said that character is doing the right thing when no one is looking.  It sounds like the UNC football team has a dozen players or more that have no character at all.  It isn't the agents fault, or runners it rests solely on the players, all they have to say is no thanks.  I don't want to hear that everyone is doing it, because the investigations at USC(south Carolina), Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia are tied to UNC.  I also find it interesting that there is an academic scandal that involves players cheating or having papers written for them at the same time as an agent scandal going on, and there is no independent investigation.  It sounds like many people that were part of the problem are now doing the investigating.   There needs to be an independent investigation and it needs to investigate the entire athletics dept at UNC.

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