Republican poll puts Goolsby ahead, Leutze campaigns on

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WECT) - Numbers cannot lie, or can they?

Poll results released by the Thom Goolsby campaign show the Republican North Carolina Senate candidate leading opponent Jim Leutze by 21 points.

However, Leutze's campaign disputes the accuracy of that poll.  It was commissioned by the North Carolina Republican party.

"I think a poll like that is the last step of a desperate politician," explained Leutze.  "We've got polls that show different results.  I mean, polls are polls and the poll that counts, [is] November 2. That's the poll that counts."

Goolsby said his campaign has nothing to gain from a slanted poll.

"Who wants to conduct a poll that's one sided? It doesn't do anything for you," Goolsby asserted.  "It doesn't tell you anything that's true. It makes you make bad decisions if it's not a good poll.  So why would you go spend money to conduct a poll that's not any good? "

Goolsby believes the poll is accurate.  He pointed to the fact that the North Carolina Democratic Party is not helping Leutze with the race financially, and said that shows how little support the Democrat has.

But Leutze said the lack of funding from the party at the state level has lead to him getting more donations from supporters in New Hanover County.  He touted his recent endorsement from the Trial Lawyers Association, an organization he said should be familiar with his opponent, an attorney.

Both candidates say they are continuing to campaign and hope to see a good turnout on election day.

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