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Candidates differ on economic strategy for Brunswick County

By Jon Evans - bio | email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) -  With the economy looming as one of the top issues in political campaigns, two candidates running for a seat in the General Assembly differ on the best way to lure new jobs to Brunswick County.

Frank Iler and James Knox met in the WECT studios Wednesday night, addressing some of the top issues of the campaign with news anchor Jon Evans. The district covers the eastern and southern areas of the county, including the beach communities and most of the Highway 17 corridor.

Iler, the incumbent republican, believes the best way to improve the economy and bring in new jobs is to bring down North Carolina's tax rate. "The biggest thing is what's good for Brunswick County, and good for the state," Iler said during Wednesday night's taping. "We have to reduce the tax burden and regulations on small businesses and medium businesses in North Carolina."

Knox is the democratic challenger and the current Mayor of Northwest, one of the many communities located inside District 17. He believes Raleigh should put together a team of experts to see what companies need to succeed in Brunswick County. "Let's get a team put together with local and state elected officials and some businessmen with ideas," Knox said. "They can try to get industry into the area, and revisit the industry we already have to see what is needed to create jobs."

Among the other issues the two discussed, neither are in favor of the Cape Fear Skyway Project and would rather see the billion dollars from that project used to finish the I-140 bypass or other more immediate road construction needs. Both men also would like to see a full-time V-A clinic open in Brunswick County, instead of the proposed three-day-a-week operation proposed for the old Brunswick Community Hospital facility.

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