Rudolph to receive money back from North Carolina

Now that accused serial bomber Eric Robert Rudolph has been found, state officials say they are ready to return more than $2,000 of his money. The money is being held in escrow by the state treasurer's office.

It came from personal possessions Rudolph left in a storage locker that were auctioned off months after federal authorities started looking for him back in 1998. Officials in Cherokee County auctioned off his personal property and collected about $2,600. More than $200 went to pay off overdue rent on the Murphy storage locker.

Rudolph will not even have to provide his social security number to claim the cash. He has called social security numbers a government-issued tracking device. He only has to prove that he rented the storage locker.

Rudolph is awaiting trial in Birmingham, Alabama, for a bombing that killed an off-duty police officer outside an abortion clinic. He also faces charges of setting off bombs at an abortion clinic, gay nightclub and the 1996 Olympics, all in Atlanta.

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