Business brewing at the Brew Thru

CAROLINA BEACH (WECT) - People stocked up on water and plenty of beer at the Brew Thru in Carolina Beach on Wednesday.

The extra business was a welcome boom but the storm itself poses an unusual challenge to the building.

Through its center, two garage doors create a drive-through for customers to pick up their beverages and take off. When both are open, the breeze of the ocean creates a wind tunnel.

On an average day, they can feel the effects. Now, they're concerned about how their building will fare with 45 mile per hour winds.

Rain is another concern, coming in through the open doors.

Paul Childers says having just opened a year-and-a-half ago, Hurricane Earl will be a test of their buildings stability. Still, he's excited to weather his first hurricane as a business manager.

Childers said it makes them feel like a part of the Carolina Beach community.

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