Officer Postell reacts to Rudolph arrest

Murphy police officer Jeff Postell says it was a shock to find out the man he apprehended behind a grocery store was suspected serial bomber Eric Rudolph.

Postell, a 21-year-old officer, stopped Rudolph early Saturday morning as he hid behind milk crates stacked in the back of a grocery store. Postell says he is not the type of person who gets excited over things like what he has done.

Murphy Police Chief Mark Thigpen says it is disturbing that some people have characterized Rudolph as a Robin Hood. He says Rudolph has been charged with murder and terrorism crimes and that need to be dealt with.

As for people who say they support Rudolph and what he did, Thigpen says those are just a few vocal people who have been able to get their voices out to the news media.

And what about the million dollar reward for Rudolph's capture? Thigpen says he doubts Postell or his department will see the money.

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