Policeman was unaware of who Rudolph was

The officer who arrested long-sought fugitive Eric Rudolph says he "did not have a clue" who the man was. Officer Jeffrey Postell arrested the Olympic bombing suspect early Saturday in the small town of Murphy, North Carolina.

Some accounts had said Rudolph was caught digging in a trash bin, but Postell says he spotted Rudolph near a grocery store. Fearing he might have burglary on his mind, Postell arrested him and took him to the Cherokee County Sheriff's Department.

The sheriff says Rudolph initially gave a false name and birthdate. But when a deputy recognized him, Rudolph gave his real name. The Federal Bureay of Investigation confirmed his identity through a fingerprint match.

The sheriff says Rudolph has lost a lot of weight, but still looks very much like his picture on the wanted posters.

Rudolph was on the FBI's most-wanted list, charged in the 1996 bombing at the Atlanta Olympics and three other attacks. A one million-dollar reward had been offered for his capture.

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