Agents set to re-track Rudolph's steps

Federal agents are gearing up to retrace the steps of suspected Olympic park bomber Eric Rudolph, hoping to find out if he had helped evading authorities in the North Carolina mountains.

Although he had a stubbly beard and mustache, Rudolph was clean, healthy and casually dressed when he was caught early Saturday morning.

Murphy Police Officer Charles Kilby says Rudolph did not look like he had been living in the woods when he was apprehended by a rookie police officer. When he was captured, Rudolph was apparently scavenging for food behind a grocery store.

Kilby, who aided in the arrest, says he saw little difference between the Rudolph who was caught and the one pictured on wanted posters issued at the beginning of the manhunt in 1998.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Chris Swecker says investigators are looking into whether Rudolph had help from people in the same mountains where he once worked as a carpenter, roofer and handyman.

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