Hunt for clues begins in North Carolina mountains

Federal agents in camouflage are searching the rural North Carolina woods near where suspected Olympic Park bomber Eric Rudolph was arrested yesterday.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Chris Swecker says police are going to "have to work backwards from where he was last to where he's been."

Authorities hope to find out if Rudolph had help in his five-year run from the law.

As police began retracing Rudolph's steps this morning, more than a dozen law enforcement vehicles were parked a short distance from where Rudolph was arrested. About ten officers appeared to be guarding a trail leading from the highway into the woods.

Swecker is urging area residents to volunteer any information about where Rudolph has been, but he could not guarantee people would not be prosecuted for aiding Rudolph while he was a fugitive.

Rudolph is a suspect in several bombings, including the 1996 explosions at Atlanta's downtown Olympic Park that killed one woman and wounded over 100 others. He faces a hearing tomorrow in North Carolina.

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