Rudolph spends time in Cherokee County jail

An agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation says Eric Rudolph was, in his words, "very calm and very relieved" during his stay in the Cherokee County jail.

Rudolph was arrested early Saturday morning as he searched for food inside a metal garbage bin behind a Murphy grocery store.

Agent-in-charge Chris Swecker told NBC's "Today" show that he thought Rudolph enjoyed the human interaction in the jail.

Rudolph faces six charges of using an explosive against a facility in interstate commerce. The charges stem from the explosion in Atlanta's Olympic Centennial Park during the 1996 summer Olympics. He is also a suspect in a 1998 bombing at an abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, and 1997 bombings in Atlanta outside a gay nightclub and an office building that housed an abortion clinic.

Authorities escorted Rudolph from the jail this morning for the trip to federal court in Asheville.

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