Public place used for private acts

Brunswick County Sheriff's deputies have arrested a total of six people for engaging in private sexual acts on public property.

Officers say the bathroom and beyond at John D. Long Park in Belville has become a magnet for illicit homosexual activity. Friday, deputies caught Robert Earl Casey of Swansboro and Roland Deronell Burney of Riegelwood engaging in oral sex on the front seat of a pick up truck inside the park. According to North Carolina state law, the men were committing a crime against nature which is a felony.

Four others have been caught inside the park's bathroom stalls. They are George Tim Pait of Clarkton, Rodney Harris Springer of Burgaw, Darrell Timothy Stutson and Billy Marsh Beard both from Wilmington.

The park is located about 100 yards from Belville Elementary School. Word of the arrests came as a shock to parents, many of whom are now demanding the school step up security.

Reported by: Ellen Goldberg