Hot enough for you? Honestly...

What are you looking at?
What are you looking at?

Good afternoon WECT viewers....

Meteorologist Robb Ellis says we've tied a record for the second straight day.  97!  Yes, it's hot.  And, we have one more day ahead of us.  Robb will lay out the brutal details beginning tonight at 5 on WECT.  If you want to find a way to beat the heat, click here.

You know, you do one gator story and a whole bunch of others come crawling out of the pond.  Today, we're in Brunswick County where one school is getting a new neighbor.  It's a retention pond that has been built nearby.  It's a state requirement.  But, the pond might be the future home of some gators.  We talked with those in charge of the pond to find out what is being done to protect the children.  WECT's Max Winitz has that story at 6.

We hope you can join us beginning at 5pm.