MTYT: What is good news?

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Fans of the WECT Facebook fan page got into a spirited conversation this week about "good news."  We asked viewers what they want us to cover, and they said "good news."  They just can't seem to agree on what that is.

Sherry Mets said:

Seems like the media never touches on that enough. How about something about volunteers or exceptional people that "pay it forward?

Sherry, I'd love for you to watch our Cape Fear Hero segment we do each month celebrating someone who goes above and beyond to help the community.  Last month we featured Jason McLeod, who helped organize the Honor Flight project that has been taking veterans to Washington, D.C.  By the way, I think the Honor Flight coverage qualifies as "good news," and we've devoted a lot of airtime to that.

Someone suggested we do a story on a rescued bird that was covered in oil at Ocean Isle Beach.  So we went to the River Road Animal Hospital in Southport to feature the work being done to help the bird.  But not everyone agrees that story is "good news."

Dean Bogan said it this way:  Bad news for birds is good news for WECT.

Our people try to take the most compelling and/or relevant stories, "good" or "bad," and bring them your way each day.  Many of them come from you.

I challenge you to score our newscasts by categorizing the stories, good, bad, or neutral.  I think you'll be surprised at the outcome.  The "good news" is it's not all "bad news."

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To share your "good news" with us, email me at

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