Birds and Sharks and Snakes!'s just not the same

Not in my backyard!
Not in my backyard!

Good afternoon WECT viewers,

WECT News looks a little like Animal Planet tonight.  It all started on Facebook today when a fan wrote in about a bird with oil on it coming on to the sand in Ocean Isle Beach.  WECT's Kristy Ondo checked it out for us.  She'll have the full report at 5, but we can tell you it's highly unlikely it's from the Gulf (if that's what you were thinking.)

At 5:30, Max Winitz takes a closer look at a problem slithering into one of Wilmington's finest neighborhoods - snakes!

And, we have an update on the shark situation in Carolina Beach.  We told you yesterday about the shark that washed up in CB along with a controversy over how the situation was handled.  Today, Carolina Beach's police chief responds.

If you haven't melted by 5pm, we hope you can join us.  Meteorologist Robb Ellis is calling for an actual legitimate cold front to the move in to the area by the weekend.  He'll explain what that means, but I'm not planning on pulling out the hat and gloves anytime soon.