Dramatic rescue at Lake Waccamaw

Robert Lee of Lumberton never imagined he'd end up in the Columbus County Hospital after what was supposed to be a fun weekend trip to Lake Waccamaw.  Lee was boating with family and friends when he jumped into the lake and suddenly found himself struggling to survive.  Lee's friends tried to save him, but it was a stranger that dove in and helped pull him out of the water.

Coburn Powell of Whiteville saw the man in distress and tried to help by tossing him a floating cushion.  When Lee didn't take it, Powell went in after him.  He says he was at the right place at the right time.

Lee was unconsious when Powell and another boater helped bring him to shore.  The Lake Waccamaw rescue squad was waiting.  Lee now has pneumonia and doesn't remember much about being saved, but he can't say enough thank you's to the people who rescued him.  He says he won't be back on the water any time soon and has plans to sell his boat.