"Breaking the Summer Boredom"

May 27 - May 30

on Carolina in the Morning

Now that school is out and summer is here, you may be looking for some ideas on how to break that summer boredom for you kids.  How about a summer camp?  The Wilmington area has dozens of camps for all ages and for all interests.  Join us all this week as we showcase some of those camps.


Ashton Farms:  Horse riding, canoeing, arts and crafts.  259-2431.

Christian Martial Arts Center: Karate day camp.  251-0233.

Coastal Adventure Day Camp:  Learn to kayak, surf and fish.  458-9111.

Jellybeans Skating Camp:  Roller Skating and other fun activities.  791-6000.

Friends Coastal Adventures:  Surfer and boater's camp.  395-4431.

Kayak Camp: Learn the basics of kayaking.  458-9111.

Surf Camp:  Learn the sport of kings!  256-SURF.

UNCW Soccer Camp: Soccer camps for boys and girls.  962-3044.

Wonderland Farm:  Horseback riding camp.  655-5735.


Carolina Gymnastics Academy:  Gymnastics fun plus arts and crafts.  796-1896.

Coastal Tumblegym:  Gymnastics, cheerleading and more.  458-9490.

Wilmington School of Ballet:  Dance, art, music and more.  794-9590.


Arts Camp Community Arts Center:  Music, drama, craafts and dance.  341-7860.

Racine School of the Arts:  Clay, painting, drawing and more.  452-2073.


Cape Fear Academy:  Over 50 camps offered from academic to sports.  791-0287.

Wrightsville Beach Parks:  Soccer, creative performance and more.  256-7925.

Cape Fear Museum:  Local history and natural science.  341-4350.

Children's Museum: A variety of learning and fun.  254-3534.


Bernina Sew Camp: Learn about fabrics, cutting and sewing.  791-6868.

Creative Day School: Field trips, craft activities and lots of fun.  799-8023.

Childcare Network:  On-site gym, field trips, swimming.  395-5400.

Wilmington Christian Academy:  Recreational day camp.  791-4248.

Chesterbrook Academy:  Fun filled games.  452-2330.

Fit for Tot Camp:  Creative activities, music, arts and fun.  341-4630.

Wilmington Adventure Camps: Rock climbing, Camping, conoeing and more. 341-7855

Creative World Preschool: Arts, Crafts, Athelitics, Field Trips , etc. 791-2080

YMCA Camp Tuscarora: Day camp with trips, activities and more. 251-9622

YWCA: Swimming, Skating, performance theatre, music, arts. 799-6820


4-H Camp: Outdoor camping activities, hiking, backpacking, fishing.

Camp Flintlock: Colonial Style camp, learn history while having fun. (910) 989-8368


Friends School: Educational day camp. 791-8221

Children's Schoolhouse, Montessori:  High qualitiy academic experience.  799-1531.

Sylvan Learning Center: Call for details.  392-6284.

UNCW MarineQuest Camps: Focused on marine biology.  962-2386.

Wilmington Academy of Arts & Sciences: History, science, language arts, math.  392-3139.


Wilmington Academy of Music:  Four week music camp.  392-1590.

Kindermusik:  Piano and early childhood music.  799-1656.

Masonboro Arts:  Ongoing music instruction and arts.  792-9489.