Sailors overboard

The Navy has ended searching the Atlantic Ocean for a missing sailor. But officials say the search for Petty Officer Shaun Dale continues aboard the U.S.S. Nassau where he was last seen.

Dale failed to appear at a roll call yesterday morning, and a search of the 833-foot assault ship and the Atlantic waters began. A Navy spokesman says the ship has resumed course for North Carolina, where it is scheduled to disembark its contingent of Marines from Camp Lejeune.

Just days ago, another sailor, Petty Officer Third Class Dwayne Williams, fell overboard from the same ship while chasing a football and tripped. Williams is presumed dead. Officials say the 23-year-old fell from the U.S.S. Nassau on Friday as it was bringing members of the Camp Lejeune-based 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit back to North Carolina. The Navy gave up searching for the sailor born in Kinston, North Carolina.

Williams' mother says she is not satisfied with how the military's explanation handled informing her of the incident. Betty Williams says it makes it sound like her son was on the deck "messing around." Betty Williams says her son was born in Kinston. The family moved to Philadelphia when he was ten years old. Both searches delayed the arrival of the Marines at Camp Lejeune.

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