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"The Eagle has landed"

The Eagle has landed....near WECT The Eagle has landed....near WECT
Already burning calories Already burning calories
Google says you burn 1.3 calories per minute.  Smiling?  Don't know. Google says you burn 1.3 calories per minute. Smiling? Don't know.

Good early evening WECT fans,

WECT's Colin Hackman says parts of the area could still see some rough storms through the evening.  Weather will be first up today at 5, barring any late breaking news from the time we send this email to you.

A local attorney is in trouble with the law today.  We first told you on WECT.com about this story earlier today.  You can read it here.  Kevin Strickland faces several charges.  He was disbarred as an attorney practicing in Burgaw in 2008.  New details on this story beginning tonight at 5.

"The Eagle has landed."  It's not that dramatic, but we do want to let all you ship fans know that the US Coast Guard Barque Eagle is now parked at the port in Wilmington.  There are free tours available, but you have a couple things to do before you can go.  Details attached to this link.  WECT's Doug Wahl has an insider's look at the Eagle tonight at 6 on WECT.  And if you take the bus to the port this weekend, wave hi to us here at WECT.  We're neighbors!

I'm sure you've heard of "pork barrel politics," but how about Porky Pig politics?  That's how you could characterize a friendly competition that got underway today in New Hanover County among local politicians.  They're pledging to cut the fat in government -- beginning with their bellies.  We've tentatively planned to have Wilmington Mayor Bill Saffo and New Hanover County Board of Commissioners Chairman Jason Thompson live in studio to talk about their "porky pig" politics around 5:10 this evening on WECT. 

NBC's program "The Biggest Loser" is heading to Myrtle Beach.  Details on that today at 5 as well.

Hope you can join us!

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