Summer crime

Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of the vacation season. This weekend residents and tourists have been hitting the beaches and visiting the downtown riverfront, but Wilmington police say this holiday also marks the chance for more people to become victims of crime.

Officer Johnny Nelms says it's important for people to remain alert not only at night but during the day. Crimes like purse snatchings and armed robberies happen a lot during the daylight hours.  Of all the crimes that are likely to happen, car break-in's remain towards the top of the list. "People leave their cell phones in the console of the car. Their pocketbook and bookbags on the seat. Any would-be thief walking by will stop and get it."

Police say while it's easy to be a victim during the summer months there are easy ways to prevent it from happening. Always travel in groups of two or more. Especially in the evening or if you've been consuming alcohol. Don't leave valuables inside your car. Especially in a place where people can walk by and grab it.

The Wilmington Police Department will be stepping up patrols on the weekend. But they insist that the best way to stay safe is to take precautions for your personal safety. Lock your doors, install your alarms, and always be alert.

Reported By: Brandi Davis