Evangelist has checkered past

Reverend Jim Whittington is an impressive figure, singing and praying on a makeshift stage. The faithful gather nightly under a tent in Wilmington's North Side to see a man in a well-cut pin-stripe suit. But Whittington also knows the feel of prison clothes. The television evangelist who has been preaching the gospel for over 40 years spent 2 years in prison. 10 years ago, Whittington was convicted of fraud, money laundering and a host of other charges. That, after a crippled woman accused the preacher of swindling her out of close to a million dollars. Whittington was sentenced to 55 years but praises God for his early release. He plans to continue on his relentless quest to save souls. The stop in Wilmington just one of many for a minister from Greenville, North Carolina who is on a multi state spiritual journey that included a stop in state prison.

Reported by: Ellen Goldberg