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What was Robbins up to since 1999?
What was Robbins up to since 1999?

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We told you last week about a section of Highway 17 in Hampstead that folks call dangerous.  There was recently a deadly accident in that area.   Tonight, some citizens are taking matters into their own hands and plan to protest out in Pender County.  We're live from the protest tonight at five to see what if anything can be done to help slow drivers down.

It's only August and the temperature isn't the only thing heating up.  The race for North Carolina's 7th Congressional District is lighting up the airwaves with ads.  Republican candidate Ilario Pantano went on the air this week with an ad featuring one of his opponent Mike McIntyre's former supporters.  We are working on putting on a scathing letter written to the Congressman on (we just received it in the last few minutes) and are investigating if the claims have any merit.  WECT's Max Winitz is holding the Pantano ad up to the magnifying glass tonight.  Join us at 5:30 for that report.

Plus, on the run for ten years.  We told you yesterday about an arrest in a murder from 1999.  What was Elton Robbins up to for a decade -- living among us as a free man?  WECT's Gavin Johnson found out some surprising details in this investigation.  He'll share those at 6pm.

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