MTYT: A new perspective for NHC schools

Dr. Tim Markley
Dr. Tim Markley

By Gary McNair - bio|email

"A new day for New Hanover County," is the way school board member Nick Rhodes chose to characterize the board's decision to hire Dr. Tim Markley as the next Superintendent of Education.  I agree with Mr. Rhodes.  It is a new day -- because the board took a route many of those "who are supposedly in the know" didn't expect it to take.

There was an internal candidate, and while Dr. Rick Holliday is respected by many and probably would have done a fine job – I'm excited to see the board hire from outside.  It's always good to have a fresh perspective from someone who has had successes in another area.

[Dr. Markley named next NHC Schools Superintendent]

Dr. Markley's record shows success.  Catawba County – his current school system – has an 83% graduation rate.  That's one of the highest in the state.  Dr. Markley will have a lot more scrutiny here, but in his meeting with the public last week, he seemed to handle it gracefully.  I really look forward to seeing what a new perspective will bring to New Hanover County Schools.

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