Carolina Beach pulls plug on Christmas nativity display

In Carolina Beach this Christmas, Baby Jesus will not be part of the Island of Lights Festival. A nativity scene is being pulled from the annual display.

Worried about mixing government and religion, the town decided to pull the plug on the nativity scene at their Island of Lights display. The show is set up on property owned by the town. They say someone has threatened to sue.

The decision came as a shock to the family who donated the traditional holiday scene.

"If we pray before town council meetings, what's the difference between that and having a nativity scene at the lake for the holidays?" asked Susie Bost, the daughter of Leila Mae Bost, whose dying wish was to donate the nativity.

The decision is not set in stone yet. The town's council is expected to vote on whether it will allow displays from all willing religions, or none at all.