July hot but not as bad as June

By Eric Davis - bio |email| facebook

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A little less than a month after Wilmington recorded its second warmest June on record, July has seen temperatures revert to more normal levels.  As of today July would go down as a month where the average temperature was only slightly above normal.

During the month of June Wilmington's average temperature was 82.2 degrees.  This is 5.2 degrees above the historic thirty year average.  It was the second warmest June on record in Wilmington.  As a matter of fact if you average all of the temperatures across the state of North Carolina, it was the hottest June on record!

Fortunately July hasn't been quite as bad.  Yes it has been very hot, but if you average out the temperatures you find it is only running a little above normal.  July's average temperature is 81.8 degrees.  That is almost as warm as June but only 0.7 degrees above the historic thirty year average. 

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