Police chase the wrong criminals?

It was a high-speed police chase with a fast-moving finish. It ended with the arrest of two men -- Montez Reaves and Lawton James, neither of whom look like the men who robbed Kingoff's Jewelers Monday.

Those men were caught on surveillance video. In the first shot, one appears to be spraying pepper spray at the owner and a clerk. Another shows the second suspect leaving.

Police say they chased Reaves and James because they fit the description of the robbers. But in the end, the two were only charged with drug possession and traffic violations.

The discrepancy isn't sitting well with those who live in the neighborhood where the chase ended. Given the circumstances, and that the men in the car refused to pull over, police say the chase was warranted. Remarkably, it ended with no major injuries.

Police also say they are close to charging those responsible for the robbery, and even if the men they arrested turn out not to be the ones who robbed Kingoff's, they say Wilmington is still a safer place because of that arrest.