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Brunswick County residents trying to start a county fair in 2011

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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WECT)- For many people, going to the county fair each fall in New Hanover County is a tradition.

But it's been at least twenty five years since there's been a fair in Brunswick County.

That's why many county residents, such as Stanley Rogoff, say it's time to bring the fair atmosphere back to the county.

Rogoff, an Ocean Isle Beach resident, says Brunswick County's size is reason enough to bring a fair.

"Most counties have a fair, but not Brunswick County. Since we are such a large county, we have many different sections. Having a fair would be nice way to get everybody together."

Rogoff and a committee are aiming to start up the fair in September of 2011. They say that's a good time because people are still at the beach that month. They plan on having the fair in Shallotte, since it's in the center of the county.

Members of the fair committee are currently getting sponsors for the event, and they're going around to different town council meetings in the area sharing their ideas with elected officials.

Rogoff says people are excited, and he wants to use that excitement to lead the renewal of a county fair.




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