MTYT: Interim Sheriff Storms and the rules of visitation

Source: Bladen Online
Source: Bladen Online

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Did your parents stress the rules of visitation?  Mine did.  When it came to visiting, my brother and I were always warned to be on our best behavior and don't wear out our welcome.

Well we have a visitor in the Bladen County Sheriff's Office, and he's not being on his best behavior.  That's how I look at it.  Earl Storms is just a visitor. Sure, he gets the title of Bladen County Sheriff, but it's only an interim thing.

Like his name would suggest, Mr. Storms is producing dark clouds in Bladen County.  Commissioners must have thought he would try to build unity, but it's been just the opposite. On the same day he was sworn in, four deputies lost their jobs and another retired.   Many think this was because they supported a different candidate in the recent elections.

It's now an embarrassing mess and it appears nothing can be done about it.  The county commissioners want to fire him, but they can't.  Only death, a federal judge, or Earl Storms himself, can cause him to leave that office now.

And my mother would say that's exactly what Mr. Storms should do – leave and make room for another visitor in the Bladen County Sheriff's Office.  He certainly hasn't been on his best behavior and he quickly wore out his welcome.

That's my turn.  Now it's your turn.  To comment on this segment, or anything else, email me at

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Comments from viewers:

Did your mother also tell you not to judge?  I believe as time goes on, we will learn that not all that was heard and is being talked about is true.  In fact, there was an article in The Fayetteville Observer yesterday that the release of the murder suspect recently had nothing to do with Sheriff Storms not having sworn in one of those deputies as had been previously reported.  Another news report is that deputies are saying Bladen County is a criminal's paradise.  If so, did that "criminal paradise" happen in 9 days, Sheriff Storm's tenure to date.  I wonder how long those unidentified deputies have been in their position.  A change just "might" be the best thing that could have happened to Bladen County.  And, as for the deputies not seeing Sheriff Storms, why should they?  I worked for a company that had "levels" of management.  The manager did not have to make himself/herself available to me, my job was to do my job to the best of my abilities and my supervisor reported up the "ladder".  I believe that is called "good management skills".  Time will tell if Sheriff Storms is the right person for this interim position, but let's keep an open mind.


Why in the world don't you people leave Earl Storms alone, and let Him do the job that he was sworn in to do. Don't you have enough dirt to comment in your county. WECT has become very Bias in my opinion. Question, Why don't you report on Mr. Billy Ray Pait? His trying to cover him set? Billy is just upset that his nephew was not sworn back in. After all he was the one the suggested Earl in the first place. Earl Storms never promise anything except that he would serve and protect the Citizen of our GREAT County.  Wake-up, Earl didn't fire them and people need to understand that. They can be reinstated to their original positions after the election.  However they are not acting like professional now, I wonder if that why they were not reinstated in the first place.

Mr. Pait straighten your act up.


I agree with everything you have said...Sheriff Storms is just a visitor and has left a black cloud over Bladen County and it is so embarrassing...I think this whole thing is politically motivated...Storms has been reported to telling the other deputies to keep their mouths shut to all news organizations also I think he was a coward not to show up at the meeting last Friday....This whole thing has left Bladen County in an uproar and a lot of the cases against drug dealers and one murder case had to be dismissed because of the actions of Sheriff Storms...The commissioners need to find another route to get rid of Earl Storms...thank you

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