Child Pornography

When Steve Butler was checking his e-mails earlier this week he got a very provocative message showing young girls, although he did not even know them. The messages were coming from unsolicited mail most of us get on our computers called "spam" mail. The pictures showed young girls from approximately five to eight years of age in various stages of undress, and posing in different positions.

Butler, the father of a six-year-old child, was even more alarmed when he started investigating what he says is child pornography. He discovered the site originated in New York. Butler called authorities there and was told the pictures are considered erotic art.

Wilmington attorney, William Peregoy says the laws pertaining to child pornography differ from state to state.

"What may be acceptable in New York or California, I feel confident would not be appropriate here in Wilmington," says Peregoy. "They are clearly disseminating materials here that will be viewed by our community. So I think they would be subject to our laws."

Butler believes the laws are failing if pictures like these can be sent out over the Internet. He plans to write lawmakers concerning his findings, in hopes of those people exploiting children will be stopped.

Reported By: Brandi Davis