Housing Authority Director has attack at Town Hall; Mayor steps in to help

Wilmington Housing Authority Director, Benjamin Quattlebaum was giving a speech at Town Hall on Castle Street Monday night when he appeared to be choking. Wilmington Mayor Harper Peterson was among the first of many who rushed to the podium to help. Peterson pounded on Quattlebaum's back while others called for water.

Once it appeared Quattlebaum was fine, he was escorted outside before an applauding audience to wait for an ambulance. EMS workers checked Quattlebaum's vital signs to make sure he was okay. New Hanover County Sheriff Sid Causey also helped out. He says Quattlebaum was feeling short of breath and sick to his stomach, but had recently had a physical and appeared to be in fine shape. In the end, it was Quattlebaum's wife who gave him a hug and a ride home.