Cyber-Hurricane Season

(this piece originally aired on June 2nd, at the beginning of hurricane season; with Hurricane Isabel threatening, I thought I'd re-run it.)

With hurricane season now officially underway--even though we've already had Ana--I thought I'd go through a few of my favorite hurricane season web sites. First up is It contains storm surge inundation maps for all of North Carolina's coastal counties as well as information on the basics of storm surge and what to do before a storm.

Next is, run by the locally based Hurricane Intercept Research Team (or HIRT) that chases hurricanes and tropical storms to their landfall to research the affects of storm surge. HIRT is a media partner with WECT. The hurricane hunters--the ones who fly into the storms to collect data used in forecasts--have their own site where you can take a cyberflight into the eye of a storm, without the rough ride.

The National Hurricane Center's page is also full of useful information, especially when there's an active storm. When there's not, check out the history of how storms get their names and archives of past seasons.

For This Week in Geek, I'm Mark Avery


(For a more complete list of hurricane related web sites, go here)