Animal cruelty charges

Police have arrested a Raleigh man after discovering what they are calling a gruesome dog fighting ring on his property.

Gary Lewis Long is charged with four counts of felony cruelty to animals and five misdemeanor counts of the same offense.

Investigators will not say whether there was betting on the dogfights.

The Wake County sheriff's office says the fights involved pit bulls and occurred in a carpeted, barnlike shed on Long's property in southern Wake County. An investigation began last month when sheriff's deputies found two pit bulls fighting on Long's property.

Several people were arrested and charged with resisting arrest because they ran after spotting officers. Deputies also found the carcasses of four dead dogs along the banks of the pond of Long's property.

Long was charged on April 25th with dog fighting and animal cruelty and released on bond. He returned to jail on the new charges Wednesday.

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