Direct flight to New York

The "Big Apple." One of the most popular tourist and business destinations in the United States. Now it's much easier to get there. On this first day of non stop service dozens of passengers stood in line as the ribbon was cut for the inaugural flight from ILM to La Guardia. A flight that airport director Jon Rosbourgh says has taken two years of negotiations to get off the ground.. "It's been our number one destination for the last 12 years in terms of the most sought out from our traveling public." Flight 4931 was packed. Only two seats unfilled. A majority of the travelers were on business. Others, just headed to see friends and family.

The non-stop fares from Wilmington to La Guardia start at about 230 dollars. And they're ideal for those weekend shopping trips. Flight 4931 brings Wilmington International's total daily flight schedule to 16. And Rosbourgh says it doesn't stop here. In the next few months the airport is hoping to get non-stop flights to both Washington D.C. and Chicago. But for now, he says he's just happy to have New York.

Reported By: Brandi Davis