Not just for women, men line up for facials

Reported by Bob Townsend – bio |email

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Gone are the days when the average man didn't care about their looks and having healthy skin is one of the best ways to look handsome.

Nowadays, when it's time to get savvy and sexy, it includes a procedure that many think are only for the ladies.

There are numerous skin care products for the modern man, including facials. Those facials are especially designed to meet the demands and specific needs of male skin.

"The skin is the largest organ of the body and the face is the first thing people notice when they meet you," said plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Nicks. "And if your skin is well taken care of, it implies that it is good health. You look better and helps with anti-aging, which is one of the things people are interested in.  So it is important for both men and women."

Men and women's skin differ in these ways:

  • Men tend to have more oil in their skin than women
  • Men have thicker skin than women
  • The skin on a man's face is more delicate than on a woman's
  • Male facial skin has smaller oil glands than females

For men who work outside, facial scrubs are a must.  And constant trips to the beach can add additional skin problems. In that case, use plenty of sun block to help reverse early damage

"We do have a good number of men who came in on a regular basis," said June Beamer, Wilmington Plastic Surgery. "I think they are just realizing they need to take care of their skin, and it is not just a girlie thing to look better and take care of it."

And I have to agree with June. Facials aren't bad as I had my first and certainly not my last for this report.

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