Myers' story leaked to media

We first learned about the Eli-Buddy connection Monday, but Buddy's family had known for at least three weeks. The story was leaked to reporters early this week and it seems the leak may be local.

The Myers' family had hoped to keep this matter private, but were forced to deal with this painful disappointment in the public eye. It appears that someone affiliated with Community United Effort (CUE), a local missing persons organization, leaked the story to the news media. A one-sentence update about the development in the Myers' case appeared briefly on the CUE website. The information was available only to members of the organization.

However, according to CUE director, Monica Caison, a member intentionally took the information and forwarded it to several media outlets and talk shows, such as The Montel Williams Show.

Caison admits she regrets ever posting the update on her site, but feels someone is targeting her organization. Caison points out that something good may come from this disappointment for the Myers' family. A week ago, she says, many people would have had no idea who Buddy Myers is or even what he looked like. Now, she is hoping Buddy's picture will remain plastered in the minds of those who have been following the story, and may help find the missing boy.

Reported by: Ellen Goldberg