Dumb Web Sites

There are a lot of dumb things on the internet, but not much can beat the network of dumb sites from thedumb.com. Click on "dumb warnings", which lists some of the warnings, rules, and instructions that come with different products, such as a warning on an air conditioner unit to "avoid dropping air conditioners out of windows." The site separates the warnings by categories or click on the top 10 funniest warnings.

Dumb laws takes you to laws in the US or around the world that are a bit unusual. For example, swearing in Mississippi can cost you a $100 fine or 30 days in jail or both. Think that's bad? Cross the state line with a lottery ticket from South Carolina back into North Carolina and you could be out $2000!

Dumb criminal acts shows you just how dumb criminals can be, such as a South Carolina man that threw a bag of cocaine down on the desk at a police station and wanted his dealer arrested for selling him bad drugs.

For This Week in Geek, I'm Mark Avery.