Missing Boy

Another break comes in the case of a missing North Carolina boy who may have turned up at a hospital near Chicago.

Investigators are questioning a man who claims to be the stepfather and who left the boy at the hospital.

Thirty-three-year-old Ricky Quick voluntarily talked to FBI agents overnight in Chicago. They were asking questions about Tristen "Buddy" Myers, the young boy who was four years old when he was kidnapped from his home in Roseboro, North Carolina two and a half years ago.

Quick was asked about taking the boy from North Carolina to Chicago, "I did not take him from North Carolina."

Ricky Quick claims the young boy he left at a hospital in Evanston, Illinois in February is his stepson, Eli Quick, "he was...I brought him up ever since he was born."

Quick says he took custody of the boy and three other children when his wife was killed in a car crash.

Quick's mother tells the same story, but with a caveat, "he's a sick man. He done all could."

Some investigators and the missing boy's family in North Carolina, including his mother, Raven, think it's Buddy, "I think it does look like him. I think it looks like him a lot. In the ears and in the mouth and the structure."

DNA tests which will take at least four weeks will be the final word on whether it's Buddy.