Bullied at School

Sixth grader Andrea McCallum, at Trask Middle school in Wilmington, has been hospitalized in the past because of beating she's received at school. The bullying hurts Andrea more than most kids...because of her condition. She suffers from a rare disease...centrillianemia. Her body can't break-down proteins..it makes her whole body especially sensitive..and vulnerable. Robin Shaw, her mother says if the beatings continue her daughter could die. Shaw says she's tried unsuccessfully to get the school to intervene, but her daughter continually comes home bruised. Trask's Assistant Principal says the school takes the situation seriously....and some of Andrea's schoolmates have been punished. He says he understands a mother's concerns... Robin Shaw says she will continue to be an advocate for her child and home schooling is an option if the bullying continues.

Reported By Heather Higgins: hhiggins@wect.com