MTYT: John Edwards and the two Americas

By Gary McNair - bio|email

Do you remember when John Edwards was running for President?  His big theme was "there are two Americas."  It was his way of talking about the "haves and the have-nots."   You don't hear that kind of talk from him anymore.

According to reports, Edwards is desperately trying to work out a plea agreement with the U.S. Justice Department.  He wants to plead guilty to a misdemeanor which would keep him out of jail and allow him to keep his law license.

You've got to be kidding!  If the justice department goes for this deal, something is really wrong.  This is a guy, a multimillionaire, who took donated campaign money (much of which came from the "have-nots" he claimed to champion) and used it to set up his mistress in fine fashion.  He then lied about it, denied his own love child, and had the audacity to have an aide try to cover for him.

John Edwards is about to find out there really are two Americas.  One enjoys freedom, and the other is locked up in prison.  And if there is any justice in all of this, he'll get to experience the "other America" very soon.

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Emailed comments from viewers:

Thank you for your clarity about John Edwards. I agree completely on your article.

Of course, I am not the first to note that, had Edwards gotten the Democratic nomination, we'd now have McCain for President, Palin as Vice-President, and the horrors that implies But may I ask you to consider writing on the Narcissism of these people?

Having studied the syndrome, I know that one aspect of Narcissism is contempt for others and a feeling of grandiosity. Another is an inflated sense of self that is out of all proportion to reality. The tragic aspect of it is that the Narcissist is unable to feel authentic emotion.

With our country suffering as it is, and with only more suffering ahead given the oil spill, I encourage you to use your podium to draw attention to the implicit dangers we endured with W- and risked with Edwards, McCain and Palin- i.e., of having people in power whose fixation with their own warped egotism risks the health and welfare of our planet.


I agree wholeheartedly with the opinion expressed.....   Edwards is the lowest sort of scum.  He won't serve jail time, but he should.   There is a different set of rules for guys like him however.

When he was a senator, he had the second worst attendance record in the senate.. the only guy worse was his running mate, John Kerry.  When a reporter questioned Edwards about it, he replied.. "I look at the agenda for a session; if its important to North Carolina, I go."    This is like a guard on a football team saying "If they are going to run my hole, I'll block: otherwise... forget it."

How did he ever get elected in the first place ??


Instead of lashing out at Mr Edwards, I think our local news media should serve the local interest and expose all the corruption in our local government.  Tabloids covered the Edwards scandal, be a real news organization and find the stories that aren't sensationalized and mean more to the local community


I agree with you completely!!!!  You are, certainly, to be commended for your willingness to say what you think.  I admire that in anybody.  Please don't ever change.  We need more people like you.


I'm frankly surprised at your sanctimonious attitude about John Edwards.  There are SO many MORE grievous things going on, such as racial profiling in Arizona, the Texas State Board of Education re-writing history to suit their need to propagandize and distort the truth, Rand Paul's belief about the Civil Rights Act's being unfair to private business, Sarah Palin's complaint about people daring to swim in a large lake near her house as if it really was "her swimmin' hole," Glenn Beck's daily idiotic diatribes...etc.

I'm not trying to excuse Mr. Edwards' actions, only measuring your reaction.  Interesting.

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