Missing Boy

On October 5, 2000, Tristen "Buddy" Myers of Sampson County walked out of his house in Sampson County with his two dogs. The dogs eventually returned, but Tristen never did. Hundreds of searchers went looking for the boy, but nothing turned up.

Now one of the region's most baffling criminal cases is on the verge of being solved, and a little boy may soon be going home to his family. Authorities in Chicago conducted DNA tests Monday on a boy, who shares the same facial features, scars and speech impediment as Tristen Myers of Sampson County. Myers has been missing for nearly three years.

Sampson County Sheriff's Sergeant Darold Cox says the chin, the ears, eyes, speech impediment, scars look similar to Buddy. Jamie Richmond says he was told that x-rays showed the boy had the same breaks in his leg as Tristen.

Donna Myers says she believes God is going to answer her prayers, but she also says she is trying not to be too hopeful. She told NBC's "Today" that everyone is excited and they want to go to Illinois to see if the boy is actually Buddy.