SARS prevention at State Port

Employees at the Wilmington State Port worry about the potential for an on the job accident. Now, with ships from Asia arriving weekly their new concern is SARS. The Coast Guard's Jeff Brodeur says the port is on alert for SARS, a mysterious virus that's killed more than three hundred people. "We're asking Captains to give us 12 hours notice of any crew member who might exhibit signs of SARS, and we notify C.D.C. Then we'll decide whether to quarantine, " says Brodeur. The Centers for Disease Control just opened up a 7-million dollar facility to help respond to national health emergencies including SARS.

But there are signs the epidemic is easing with fewer new cases being reported. Back at the port, though, Brodeur says he's worried about the safety of the men and woman who get on these ships everyday to inspect them. Even if the sars outbreak is fading, this is no time to take any chances.

Reported By: Brandi Davis